Cultivar Wine

Napa Valley has sixteen unique sub-appellations (regions) stretching
from Carneros in the South to Calistoga to the North, providing ideal
growing conditions for a wide range of varietals.

The Wine grape Cultivars we proudly produce are:
Sauvignon Blanc
Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Sauvignon

Sharing the infinite bounty of
the Napa Valley

We’re committed to nurturing the land, our customers, our
team, and our community, to share the infinite bounty of
the Napa Valley.

Hiking the hills, scaling the rock formations, and exploring our family’s
(Napa Valley) property as children is where our love and appreciation of
the land was born. As our grandparents introduced us to the wonders of
nature, passing countless memorable days in the rustic country, many
of our beliefs and values were shaped:

Do what you love and do it well.
Work hard, and keep learning.
Do what you say and say what you mean.
And have fun.

Cultivar is rooted in these values that inspire us to grow, discover,
share and press forward down the path of life’s wonderful journey together.

Our aim is that your experience with Cultivar will be a fulfilling one
of discovery, community, enjoyment and fun. We hope
to delight you with our Cultivar Wines, seasonal dishes,
products, pique your curiosity to learn more
about them, and share intimate experiences with our
team and fellow members of the Cultivar community.

Jody Harris & Gingy Harris Gable