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Caspar Estate Olive Oil Half Gallon
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Caspar Estate Olive Oil Half Gallon
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Our Tuscan style extra virgin olive oil has a mature full balance of white pepper and grassy aroma followed by a creamy herbaceous finish. Subtle flavors of tomato leaf and sweet apple pie pair well with salads, poached fish, seared meat or a rustic baguette. The Caspar Estate olive oil is from our heritage grove Mission olive trees planted over 100 years ago and our Frantoio, Leccino, Coratina, Luca, Manzanillo, Picholine, Pendolino and Sevillano varieties. 

The growing season began early, with a warm and dry spring, and the weather stayed absolutely beautiful all the way through an early harvest, with outstanding quality and once again a little larger crop than normal. Perfect gift for your favorite chef!


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