Small Lot Sauvignon Blanc Comes to The French Laundry

Small Lot Sauvignon Blanc may be a staple of Napa Valley, but only a very select few ever make the wine list at the prestigious French Laundry. Chef Thomas Keller, the most decorated chef in America with seven Michelin stars, has every right to be picky about what makes the wine list at his premiere restaurant. Recently, Chef Keller decided that the 2019 Caspar Estate Sauvignon Blanc would be one of those rare choices. With only 70 cases available, the 2019 Caspar Estate is a small lot Sauvignon Blanc indeed.

The French Laundry by Thomas Keller is known for surpassing expectations with their excellent and creative food as well as their impeccable service. Everything is done to perfection, including the stunning gardens across the street. Chef Keller’s organic gardens are not only the source of his recipes, but a source of inspiration to visitors who flock to see the beautifully manicured herbs, vegetables, and fruit.

Caspar Estate: A Tradition of Small Lot Craftsmanship

A little further up the Napa Valley sits Caspar Estate, where small lot craftsmanship has been our way of life. Our vineyard rests on a hillside overlooking Napa Valley. It’s planted above the Rutherford Appellation, 600 feet above the fog line with an exposure 20 degrees off north. The site sees sun from early morning until late afternoon, ensuring even ripeness of the grapes. Cool nights help to develop firm tannins and fresh acidity creating remarkable structure and balance in the finished wines. We created our first small lot sauvignon blanc there in 2018, and have made 2 subsequent estate Sauvignon Blancs since.

Terroir Wine Isn’t All That We Do

Aside from making stellar terroir wines, we also grow vegetables in the same tradition as the French Laundry. We are blessed with serpentine soil and the ability to grow vegetables in abundance. Our gardens feature heirloom tomatoes, pumpkins, squash, and carrots. But that’s not all. Our soil is perfect for beets, peppers, kale, broccolini, onions, cucumbers, lemon verbena, persimmons, pomegranates, melons, and many herbs. The raspberries, blackberries, table grapes, and figs are so delicious straight off the vine. There are some vegetables that require more coaxing and attention. While our organically-grown vegetables are modeled after the French Laundry gardens, we are more casual and relaxed.

Organic vegetables from Caspar Estate

No Reservations Required

If you want to try this special wine that Chef Thomas Keller picked for The French Laundry, there are two ways to do so. First, you can get a reservation at the restaurant, which can take upwards of six months. Or, you can join the Caspar Estate Allocation List, simply by clicking here. No reservations required! This will give you the first chance at an allocation of our small lot Estate Sauvignon Blanc the moment it’s available. Cheers!